CryptoMondays met in Moscow on September 10, 2018

CryptoMondays met in Moscow on September 10, 2018

  • 12 September 2018

CryptoMondays met again on September 10, 2018 at the Gadget Studio in Moscow.

The moderator of the session was Michael Boboshko, independent consultant who over the past few years has been actively helping clients to launch alternative investment funds. Michael is also the Chairman of NAIMA’s Hedge Fund Committee.

Some of the speakers included Daniel Wolfe, entrepreneur, co-founder of Simoleon Long-Term Value crypto fund, Alexei Ivanov, Director, Polynom Crypto Capital, Dmitry Kambolin, sales director of Systematic Alpha Management LLC and Crypto Asset Management LLC and their representative in Eastern Europe, and Alexei Kirienko, the founder and CEO of the investment company EXANTE, also related to crypto hedge funds.

During the lively discussion the panelists discussed such questions as to why invest in crypto through a fund, how to find the right strategy (ETF, active long/short, long-term buy-and-hold, derivatives, mono vs. multi currency, algorithms).  The discussion also covered optimal investor liquidity structures (high liquidity monthly/weekly, limited liquidity/quarterly with lock-up), optimal manager fee structures. The discussion also touched such important issues as crypto subscriptions, target investors, valuation of cryptocurrencies & tokens. Some of the questions included investing in ICOs/pre-ICOs and the relationships between Infrastructure/Custody/Exchanges.